All About Candid Beauty

About us

Everybody says beauty is pain. But it shouldn’t have to be. Every time we approach the makeup aisle, the choices we are presented with are overwhelming. When we research products at home, the information we seek is inaccessible. Candid Beauty aims to combat this lack of transparency in the beauty industry. Through Candid Beauty, exploring the world of makeup becomes an exciting journey that is all about you. 

First, create a beauty profile on our mobile application. Then, enter your personalized preferences and settings! Oily skin? Not a problem—Candid Beauty caters to all skin types. Against animal testing? Well, Candid Beauty can filter through brands that are only cruelty-free! Once you’ve filled out your customizations, simply search for your makeup product. You will then be presented with top products that are recommended based on your profile! Even better, you will be able to see the most relevant reviews from similar customers who share your preferences. Our platform will handle the research, while you confidently get the best products, hassle-free.

Our Mission

Beauty takes place in all forms, so why shouldn’t your cosmetic decisions follow suit? As a young founding team of makeup wearers, we personally understand that what works for someone else, won’t always work for you. Our platform is the one-stop-shop that tailors your experience through the appreciation of inclusion and diversity. We believe that makeup is an art form that has the ability to empower individuals all over the world. Candid Beauty is committed to channeling this by providing the best and most personalized beauty experience for you. Because you deserve it!


Stayed tuned for the release of our app this OCTOBER! Get excited!